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Review: Columns—Please Explode

columnspleasexplodeI’d been getting kind of down about the spate of recent releases in the heavier side of metal recently. So much so that I’d been clawing through my hard drive and reminiscing about albums I bloody loved. That, and listening to Slaves over, and over, and over again (seriously, I could listen to Johnny Craig’s vocals pretty much for the rest of my life without getting sick of them -but I’ve already talked about Slaves HERE).

So I was pleased as punch to come across Columns, a band that renewed my faith in all things disgustingly heavy. ‘Please Explode’ is a non-stop tour de force of pure fucking greatness that makes me happy inside every time I put it on. It reminds me a lot of Ion Dissonance (this is a really good thing), though the vocals are closer to death metal than hardcore. But it shares that ballsy aggressiveness of grindcore that I just can’t get enough of. I get reminded of Dillinger Escape Plan and Napalm Death every now and then too(again, hoo-fucking-ray!), mostly in terms of the attitude; that ‘if this music was a physical object, it’d be a knife covered in smaller rusty knives dipped in sharks’ sort of vibe.

Besides, when you have song titles like ‘Bear Molester’ and ‘Mudfucker’, you get a feeling that it’s going to be something special. Deathy-grindy-angry specialness (I English good, yes?). The album is a whirlwind of anger, and it is easy to get caught along for the ride (and fun too). I really hope that I get the chance to see these guys live, because I have a feeling that it’ll be fantastic; it’s the sort of album that sounds great on CD, but comes into its own in a live atmosphere. This is the music that circle pits are made of.

Available now (get it), on Relapse Records (get it), you can stream the whole thing on their bandcamp page (seriously, why are you not right this second getting it?) HERE.