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Just Like Slim Shady

I’m back.

After a very long absence which precisely nobody missed, I’ve decided to resurrect the blog and start it back up again. However, there will be less of a focus on the ‘here and now’, and more of a shift to covering what interests me at the time.

Honestly, it’s too tiring trying to keep pace with the relentless release of new music that listening to music became a chore, and writing about it more so. That’s not to say I won’t be writing about new bands, or recently released albums, it’s just that I might write about albums I’d ignored years ago and given another shot only to realise ‘Why the hell did I pass this up for so long?’.

I will also be discussing films, primarily horror. Writing about albums at the best of times is fairly limiting (‘It sounds good / It sounds bad’); there are more issues to explore with films, which gives me a bit more breathing space to discuss the finer points of something I enjoyed or disliked.

tl;dr. There’ll probably be about 5 new posts and then the blog will die a death again.

Not dead & whatnot

Hey so this blog died on its arse a month or so ago, namely because my laptop took the executive decision to no longer turn on. Which was really rather spiffing of it, and due to that harddrive now being out of the picture along with a bunch of stuff I quite needed (definitely not annoyed about that), it’s been a long process to get myself back up and running. What with the total lack of funds at the moment.

But there’s also good news. I finally have a full time job that pays actual money, with enough spare to mean I can start investing in actual technology that isn’t decades old. I’ll also get the sort of routine that’ll allow for blogging in the evenings and posting things I want to write about, which means more content on interesting stuff, reviewing things I want to review, and generally having more fun with this blog than the half-chore it became at times. I’m moving up to Harrogate this month for the job, so there might be some delay in posts & content for June, but do bear with.

This is a long way of saying that the blog will be back up, revived, and probably overhauled over the next couple of months, which I’m really happy about, as well as being excited about doing it.

Right now I’m using a budget laptop running Windows 8.1, an operating system that still feels like it’s in beta given how many programs don’t run or simply crash on the sodding thing. Hell, it failed to install updates because a Microsoft mouse was plugged into the USB port. On that note, I’ve had that mouse for a number of years, and I’ve only ever had issues with it running Windows (notably Windows 7 & 8); it works like a dream on every single linux distro I’ve ever used it on. Which is, I suppose, something to think about.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be getting back to listening to the latest Devin release, Casualties Of Cool. Hint: I’m about half an hour, and already really impressed. It’s a great chilled out, smokey room type affair, perfect for the hot summer days. Now if only I hadn’t lost my sodding hookah…

Aetherium Mors / Infirmary Split

There are very few perks of spending your time writing for free—what with the pressing need to buy food and other apparently essential things modern people need to do—but one very nice one is that I get sent new music to listen to for free. Writing for free = music for free. Could be worse.

One release I got sent not long ago was an upcoming split from the bands Aetherium Mors and Infirmary; admittedly I hadn’t previously heard of either, and as it’s always nice to hear new things I gave it a spin. Must say, I’ve been really enjoying it thus far, and the split works surprisingly well given that one half is an old-school style death metal act from West Virginia who’ve been around (ish) since 1992, and the other is an extreme metal band (though it arguably sails under a black metal flag) from the UK who started up around 2004. Their sound is distinctly different, but they complement each other weirdly well; I’m not even sure why.

The Infirmary side is a chunk of surprisingly catchy and memorable death metal, with some excellent guitar melodies, complemented by vocals you can actually understand—in that you can clearly make out what the vocalist is singing. On that latter front, the lyrics are actually pretty good, a notch more interesting than your standard affair at any rate.

Aetherium Mors has the squawking black metal vocal style (a la Transilvanian Hunger), complemented by guitars that sound like a black mass of swarming, angry bees. And yes, that makes sense in my head. Actually, I really like some of the guitar riffs, the track ‘Divine Order Without God’ reminds me of Akercocke—as I repeatedly try to drive home, Akercocke are one of my favourite extreme metal acts, so any comparison to them is a fundamentally good thing. It’d also be remiss of me to not mention the drumming, which really helps shore up the atmosphere on the tracks; unlike a lot of black metal (ish) drumming, it doesn’t sound like a kid twatting a Fisher Price plastic drum as fast as he possibly can.

You can listen to the first track of the Aetherium Mors side here.

The split is out on the 15th of May, courtesy of Bindrune Recordings/Eihwaz Recordings.

Issues & Being Down With The Kids

So Issues, the pop-metal hybrid band that I like unashamedly, have just released a new video for their song ‘Never Lose Your Flame’. You can watch it below:

Issues–‘Watch me do a wheelie’


As metal videos go, it’s relatively standard, though for a band whose largest group of fans will be in the former years of the teenage years I assume it’s encouraging for many to see a music video about a young gay couple; metal music doesn’t have a particularly great track record when it comes to dealing with homosexuality, so it’s encouraging to see some bands showing it in a positive light as opposed to it merely serving as an insult. It’s not a ground-breaking video by any means, but it is at least commendable. Especially given that homophobic bullying (both as a problem in itself, and as a precursor to teen suicides and mental illness) is still a big problem: take this quote from an article published in 2012 by The Independent,

“Two out of every five victims of homophobic bullying at school attempt or contemplate suicide, a report released today reveals.

A survey of 1,600 gay, lesbian and bisexual young people aged between 11 and 19 showed that more than half had suffered from homophobic bullying while at school.”

That said, seeing vocalist Tyler Carter skateboarding did remind me of this: How-Do-You-Do-Fellow-Kids-Reaction-Gif-Steve-Buscemi