A Metal Education is a one man show about all things metal (and the occasional horror film for shits and giggles). As such, it will feature my opinion, and shouldn’t be taken as just a neutral news site. In fact, expect more opinions, commentary, and reviews over ‘up-to-date’ news, mostly because there are other sites with better contacts and more writers who can pump that stuff out, and secondly, I want the site to stand out from the 5 or so metal sites that pretty much mirror each other’s content.

This site is 100% independent and I don’t make any money from it (it actually costs me money). [Sadly] Nobody is paying me to write anything which appears on this site (which actually puts me on a par with most online journalists…).

Feel free to send me tips, news, and music. I’m constantly on the lookout for new bands, so feel free to point me in the right direction, or if you’re a band/artist yourself, make sure to send me something to listen to.

I try to source all band / promo photos used on this site from the band’s own resources or sites like Wikipedia. I do not intentionally use any material that isn’t public domain / intended for promotional uses. If you are the photographer / creator of any of the images (& can prove it), please drop me a comment on the relevant article and I’ll happily add your credits (and links to your website / whatever) to the post in which it appears, or remove the image if you truly don’t want it on here.

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