Just Like Slim Shady

I’m back.

After a very long absence which precisely nobody missed, I’ve decided to resurrect the blog and start it back up again. However, there will be less of a focus on the ‘here and now’, and more of a shift to covering what interests me at the time.

Honestly, it’s too tiring trying to keep pace with the relentless release of new music that listening to music became a chore, and writing about it more so. That’s not to say I won’t be writing about new bands, or recently released albums, it’s just that I might write about albums I’d ignored years ago and given another shot only to realise ‘Why the hell did I pass this up for so long?’.

I will also be discussing films, primarily horror. Writing about albums at the best of times is fairly limiting (‘It sounds good / It sounds bad’); there are more issues to explore with films, which gives me a bit more breathing space to discuss the finer points of something I enjoyed or disliked.

tl;dr. There’ll probably be about 5 new posts and then the blog will die a death again.

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